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Published: 02nd September 2010
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OLED 3D TV stands and LED TV cabinets are now regarded as a genuine piece of furniture for the home. A great TV unit or TV stand not only improves the atmosphere of your home it can also be more practical than a standard table or sideboard. There are now a impressive range of LED TV cabinets and LED TV benches from a huge range of brands, consumers finally have the range of choice of lcd television furniture as they would if they were buying a chest of drawers or sideboard.

The most obvious type of LED TV stand furniture on the British market are the plasma television stands made from glass, typically a glass OLED 3D TV furniture stand will be made up of of three shelves, the upper shelf is usually thicker in order to provide a stable base for a flat panel TV. The 2 lower shelves provide storage for home audio and video equipment but it is important to be certain there is enough internal shelf space both in terms of depth and width. Cable management is more often than not restricted to a rear column.

Glass LED TV stands are now available for very reasonable prices and they do create a cheap, yet modern solution to housing a LED TV. Leading brands of glass TV stands include Stilexo and Optimum International both offer very reasonably priced TV furniture with quality 8mm glass and contemporary design.

Glass TV stands are very popular and for some groups of consumers may prefer to own something a little different, in this case a cantilever TV bench is ideal. A cantilever TV stand effectively combines the concepts of a glass plasma television cabinet and a wall mountable lcd television into one. A cantilever television stand looks superb in a mixture of interior environments and can also be a space saving piece of furniture for a second living room. With a cantilever TV stand you do not need to drill into your wall or run cables through the wall, it is consequently a much more straightforward and more functional alternative to a bracket mounted television. Our favoured manufacturers of cantilever TV stands include Aquila, BDI and Gecko who offer a unique range of TV cabinets with optional cantilever TV brackets.

When glass LED TV cabinets were first introduced into the market LCD TV units were perceived as old fashioned and suffered a significant reduction in usage, however glass OLED 3D TV stands are now regarded as the standard lcd television accommodation solution and LED TV LCD TV styling has also moved forward offering much more updated aesthetic appearance and sleeker cabinet design. The introduction of intelligent darkened glass enables remote control signals to pass through and operate AV equipment inside of the unit even though all of the equipment is closed inside the Plasma TV bench out of view. It is always worth buying a OLED 3D TV bench with some kind of ventilation system to prevent expensive AV equipment from overheating. TV cabinets with flow through ventilation include designs from BDI, Salamander Designs and Gecko.

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