The Benefits of Intelligent TV Furniture & Clever AV Cabinets

Published: 05th August 2010
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TV furniture has moved from glass TV stand domination to an age where TV cabinets are more often than not preferred, and why not, an enclosed TV stand presents many aesthetical advantages when compared with a television stand constructed from glass. Cabling is the drawback of many home cinema systems, usually the more high end the system the more cabling is used, adding multiple AV components to a flat panel LCD, LED or 3D TV and placing it all on a glass TV stand creates a situation resulting in a savage number of visible cables which undermine the looks of your home cinema system.

TV cabinets have improved drastically in recent years, Gecko TV cabinets are a brand new entry into the UK market with a wide range of unusual TV furniture including the intelligent modular collection of LCD TV Units known as the REF550, REF800 and REF1100 models, another stylish model from the Gecko AV furniture collection is the Gecko corner TV cabinet the IMP900-GB, this glossy corner TV cabinet fits into the corner of a room saving space without limiting the user friendly design.

BDI TV cabinets are always remembered for their authoritative levels of specification with a impressive selection of TV furniture available in attractive wood finishes including black stained oak. BDI TV cabinets like Gecko LCD TV furniture units offer fully adjustable shelves and also like Gecko feature universal bracket mounts which enable almost any of the TV stands and TV cabinets to be converted into cantilever TV cabinets offering a more variable alternative to wall mounting a plasma TV.

Spectral and Jahnke are German producers of television cabinets and they both offer a great choice of TV cabinets in a massive range of colours. Spectral tend to produce glossy cabinets and Jahnke more often than not choose to manufacture more wooden cabinets with matt finishes both these brands excel in quality, Spectral products may be far from the cheapest option on the market but offer insanely good engineering for unparalleled reliability and longevity.

TV cabinets have advanced from the ugly cabinets of past and some stands are now even more well developed than the equipment that lives inside them. Salamander Designs is a brand originating from the USA well known for building technically superb TV furniture units, each of the Salamander designs TV cabinets is offered with a selection of accessories including infra red repeaters.

When opting for a TV unit we would always opt for one of the five brands named above, in terms of user friendliness, performance quality, build quality, style and designs the above brands are simply the best available. When shopping for a new TV it is always worth browsing online or choosing a specialist rather than a poor range offered by electrical retailers who often try and sell cheap and nasty glass TV stands.

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